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Empowering “STAR” students to become STEM leaders

Our mission is to inspire and empower students from under represented communities to become today’s “Star” students and tomorrow’s doctors, engineers, and leaders in STEM professions.

STEM Fields Resources

Resources for Students

If you are a good student and enjoy LEARNING, you are ALREADY a STAR. You are an ACADEMIC STAR. Our mission to help YOU become a future STEM leader.

Resources for Parents/Guardians

Help your children to become outstanding students (“Stars”) so that they will be positioned to go on to become leaders in STEM fields of endeavor (“Docs”).

Resources for Doctors & STEM Professionals

To encourage and facilitate mentoring and/or advising of youth by professionals who are current leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related fields.

Empowering today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders

With your help, StarsToDocs.Org can help increase the number of youth from under represented communities who understand the benefits of preparing for STEM careers and who are actively involved in the pursuit of those careers.