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Dear DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, and LEADERS in other STEM-related fields:

Here is our challenge:
Far too few children from under represented communities are in the “pipeline” to become future leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related fields.

The community of current professionals (doctors, dentists, engineers, professors, pharmacists, architects, and other professionals in STEM-related fields) is best positioned to help children who want to become STEM professionals. As a professional in a STEM-related field, you have overcome many of the obstacles to success…the same obstacles many kids from under represented communities are facing and will face. Can you be counted on to help them? (S2D) is on a mission to help youth enter and successfully traverse the “pipeline” to success as future leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related fields. The S2D website includes links to free world-class STEM instruction. S2D also offers free resources to help professionals, like you, mentor (virtually or in-person) youth in their communities.

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Good teachers are committed to educating their students and preparing them for the future. Even the best teachers, however, can unintentionally undermine certain students’ self-concepts and aspirations. Linked below are suggested readings for teachers who seek to avoid exhibiting unconscious racial bias.

Teachers Are People Too study shows that: Teachers Are as Racially Biased as Everybody Else.

Four Ways Teachers Can Reduce Implicit Bias

Please complete the form on this page. Motivated kids in your town or city need to see and hear leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related professions who look like them.

Using remote meeting technology (e.g. Zoom), it is now very easy for professionals, such as you, to conduct inspiring and informative quarterly or monthly remote advising/mentoring sessions for youth and their parents/guardians. can be a valuable resource to your efforts to empower local youth.

Let us email you information about what doctors and other STEM leaders are doing to help motivated youth in their communities. We will also email you suggestions for informing local organizations (churches, clubs, municipalities, etc.) when you plan to conduct remote sessions for local youth. The seeds of wisdom you plant can lead to better futures for many of today’s youth.

***Please note, will never sell your email address. S2D will not share your email address without your permission.

Motivated students in underserved communities NEED mentors. has partnered with to encourage more professionals to join the ICB virtual mentoring platform.  is an easy-to-use software that enables you to set up your own remote mentoring sessions. is building A COMMUNITY of HealthCare and STEM professionals of color who are committed to helping empower motivated youth to succeed as future leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related fields.

***Periodically, we will send you ideas, information or suggestions about mentoring youth from underserved communities.

***Here is a brief video about the Nigerian founder of