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Empowering “STAR” students to become STEM leaders

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About StarsToDocs.org

The leadership team of StarsToDocs.org is on a mission to empower motivated students to become future leaders in healthcare and other STEM-related fields.

Young adults who possess the character traits (e.g. compassion, drive, focus, and emotional intelligence) to become leaders in healthcare or other STEM-related fields often lack strong foundations of pre-college STEM learning.

Underperforming schools, sub-optimal learning in classrooms, and students’ lack of awareness of the career options produced by strong STEM knowledge, all contribute to the shortage of people from under represented communities in leadership positions in healthcare and other STEM-related fields.

StarsToDocs.org is working to provide free tools to help motivated pre-college students overcome those obstacles and acquire the foundations needed for college excellence and career success.

Leadership Team of StarsToDocs.org

  • Nathaniel R. Evans, II, M.D., FACEP, Founder and President
  • Willie George Harris, M.D., Vice-President
  • Marcia Hope Goodwin, Advisor
  • Geoffrey G. Evans, Advisor
  • Braheim Knight, MBA, Advisor
  • Gwen G. Williams, Ed.D., Advisor
  • Nathan L.R. Harris, Ph.D., Advisor

Who is this website for?

  • Motivated students who want to build strong knowledge foundations now for STEM-related careers, and who want to be among the best at what they do in their future Healthcare and STEM careers.
  • Parents and guardians who want the best futures for their children, but may have money concerns regarding higher education or limited knowledge about STEM careers.
  • Caring teachers who want to help empower their students to live their best lives, but who are aware that unconscious race bias may cause them to give unintended limiting messages to students.
  • Concerned professionals in Healthcare and STEM whose awareness of the need for mentoring/advising of motivated youth (especially youth of color) makes them willing to provide empowering guidance to students.

How does StarsToDocs.org work? How does it get publicized?

The objectives of StarsToDocs.org are being met when students, parents & guardians, and teachers use this site to access valuable information.

StarsToDocs.org needs your help to “spread the word” about this free and valuable website. StarsToDocs.org also seeks the help of community organizations and individual healthcare and STEM leaders.

The StarsToDocs.org team is communicating with national professional organizations of healthcare and STEM leaders to get their members to “spread the word” about StarsToDocs.org and utilize the site as a resource to facilitate their mentoring of youth.