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Hey student! Welcome to Stars to The short name for is S2D.

If you are a good student and enjoy LEARNING, you are ALREADY a STAR. You are an ACADEMIC STAR.

Our mission here at S2D is to help YOU (if you’re interested) become a future STEM leader.

What's a STEM leader?

STEM leaders are adults who use their understanding of science and mathematics to solve IMPORTANT problems such as saving lives, improving people’s lives, designing structures and bridges, healing diseases in people or pets, and so on. STEM leaders include physicians, dentists, surgeons, veterinarians, professors, architects, and engineers of many disciplines, including chemical, electrical, mechanical, structural, software, and environmental engineers. You can find links to short films of people doing many of those critical STEM jobs on the website.

What's good about being a STEM leader?

First of all, helping others and solving important problems makes you feel good. Second, the world needs more people in STEM fields, especially people from under represented communities! Third, there are MANY GREAT opportunities out there for young, highly educated STEM professionals. Fourth, STEM professionals make good money. Fifth, STEM leaders enjoy high regard (and very much respect) for the important work they do.

But I plan to play in the NBA or NFL!

Anyone can dream, but pro sports dreams ALMOST NEVER come true! Want proof? Ask your coaches to name the players they coached, who are now playing in the NBA or NFL. For almost every coach, the true answer will be: there are NONE! Only one out of sixteen thousand (1 out of 16,000) high school varsity players EVER gets a pro sports contract!

Answers to Students’ important Questions

How can I know I have learned what I should have learned from my classes?

Even if you earned “A” grades in a class. What matters is what you learned. As a future leader in healthcare or STEM, if you think you know a subject, but you actuallydon’t…that’s a problem. Here how to find out if you’ve learned the subjects you’ve studied in school.

Most Khan Academy courses offer Course Challenges at the end of the course. Khan Academy is FREE high-quality education. Here is a full list of Khan Academy courses: Shown below are some examples of Course Challenges.

6th grade math Course Challenge:

8th grade math Course Challenge:

Algebra 1 Course Challenge:

Algebra 2 Course Challenge:

Geometry Course Challenge:

Trigonometry Course Challenge:

Middle School Biology Course Challenge:

Middle School Physics Course Challenge:

High School Biology Course Challenge:

High School Chemistry Course Challenge:

High School Physics Course Challenge:

Use Course Challenges to test yourself and your friends.  If you can’t answer the Challenge Questions for a course you took in school, you can take the course on Khan Academy!

Why do I need to learn grammar?

Just as there are rules in basketball (don’t “travel” with the ball), rules in soccer, and rules in the game of chess, there are also rules for speaking and writing English. Those rules are called “grammar”.  If you don’t know grammar, you risk being misunderstood, and your speaking and writing will indicate that you’re uneducated.  

You can check your knowledge of grammar here with this grammar Course Challenge:

If you need to learn more in order to master grammar, here is an excellent grammar course that’s taught in a fun way, using short (2 to 5 minute) videos with short exercises, to make certain you’ve learned your grammar:

How can I make high school count for college?

Where can I find really good, free math or science teachers?

What can I do to improve my reading skills?

Just as running well is vital to a football or soccer player, reading well is very important to your future. As with running, you will get better with practice. If you are interested in STEM careers, here is a link to the  list of exciting and inspiring books.

In addition, there are online lists of recommended books for middle school students and for high school students preparing for college.

Where can I get information on how to apply to colleges?

Is there a free way to prepare for the SAT exam?

Which teachers should I ask to write my recommendation letters?

What is it like to attend college?


No excuses, just dominate

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